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Publish or Perish - Dark Comedy


An obsessive college professor, Jim Bowden, lands his dream job as a tenure-track professor at a small college in Colorado. On the day he is to submit his tenure dossier, Jim accidentally runs over a student with his car. Unsure if the student is dead or alive, he decides to turn in his tenure documents before dealing with the accident. As he tries to cover his tracks, Jim faces a vengeful Dean determined to ruin him.

In a desperate bid to protect his career, Jim uncovers the Dean’s dark secrets and resorts to blackmail. But each attempt to save himself only plunges him deeper into a terrifying spiral of paranoia and violence. "Publish or Perish" is an award-winning film that masterfully blends horror, thriller, and dark comedy, exploring the sinister lengths one man will go to secure his dreams.

Watch now to uncover the horrifying secrets and dark obsessions in this award-winning film.


Thriller, Horror, Dark Comedy


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