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Let's get off to a fast start opening weekend

Friday, August 18th
7:00 PM PST

Watch & Promote

Fun Prizes

Follow the events over the weekend.

Watch The Film

Available On Demand on August 18th


Rent for $3.99 / $4.99

Buy $10.99 / $12.99

After You Watch

Like, Comment & Share on Social Media

Don't just watch it.  Join the Event.


Buy or Rent the Movie

Start Streaming at 7:00 PM Pacific Time.

It's a real-time cinematic rendezvous where you can watch a movie with others, share your on-the-spot reactions, and enjoy the collective buzz. Dive into the storyline, laugh, debate, and revel in the shared experience, all through live tweets.

Not on Twitter?  

Watch the film and follow the action on any of our social platforms. Comment & Share.

Be a Watch Party Host

Rally your friends, family, and followers to stream the movie and join the party.

Choose Your Team Name

  • Every host gets to represent their team with a unique hashtag.

  • Think of it as your team's battle cry for the night!

  • Email your hashtag to

  • Our team will confirm that this hashtag isn't taken.

Spread the Word

  • Let your followers know you're hosting

  • Share event details including the official hashtag #publishperishparty and your unique #PerishTeam hashtag



  • #PerishTeamGOYANKEES

  • #PerishTeamPATRIOTS

  • #PerishTeamAUSTIN

  • #PerishTeamTEQUILA

  • #PerishTeamWARRIORS

  • Sky's the limit!



Buy or Rent the Movie
Make sure everyone starts on time

Friday, August 18th​

7:00 PM Pacific Time

Engage During the Watch Party

  • Kick off the event with a tweet, introducing yourself as a host and reminding participants of your team hashtag.

  • Interact with participants, retweet their thoughts, share your reactions, and keep the energy high.

  • Remember, the goal is to get as many people as possible to join in and use your team's hashtag!

Have Fun & Play Fair

While it's a friendly competition to see which team can make the most noise, ensure you're respectful and positive throughout the event. Remember, it's all in good fun!

Help Us Raise Money

Support the Actors

Help us stand in solidarity with the actors currently out of work as we raise money for the SAG AFTRA Foundation Financial Assistance Fund.

Silent Auction

We will be having a silent auction for memorabilia from the film. Items will be announced during the Watch Party.

Check back later this week for a link to the auction.

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Official Merchandise

We will be unveiling Official Publish or Perish merchandise through an online partner. Proceeds will be split with SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

Store link coming soon!

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